A loaf of bread is a symbol of the sun and fertility. The presence of a cake is a mandatory attribute of wedding ceremonies. A loaf of bread is a decoration of the wedding table, a symbol of prosperity and happiness. The splendor, size and taste of the loaf symbolize the status of the future family.

A Ukrainian wedding begins and ends with a loaf of bread. The newlyweds are greeted with paternal bread and blessed for marriage, and more often the young couple had to taste the loaf from the middle, which meant the birth of a new life.

The tradition of baking wedding bread has its own rules, which are encouraged to be followed even today, because a loaf is not only a delicious pastry, but above all, it is a symbol of the birth of a new family. It is said that the fate of a married couple is the same as the loaf of bread. Widows, divorced, unmarried and barren women were never allowed to bake bread. Five to seven happily married women, who would be able to pass on their family happiness and well-being to the newly formed young family, mostly participated in the process of baking the bread.

It is important to note that in the Ukrainian tradition, a wedding cake is baked only once in a person's life. If one of the bride and groom stepped on the lucky charm for the second time, then the loaf was not baked.
Today, all the ancient wedding traditions are no longer followed and, probably, most do not believe in the importance and power of wedding bread, but the loaf decorates almost all wedding celebrations and always attracts the attention of those present.
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