Traditions of herbalism
Some traditions and advice from local herbalists
  • herbalists usually perform rituals before harvesting herbs. They pray, try to feel the place and ask if they can collect something.
  • Herbs should be collected in the morning as soon as the dew falls and before lunch.
  • It is not recommended to collect herbs during rain
  • It is absolutely impossible to pull out grass with your hands, because it is very easy to pull out the roots. Many plants reproduce by roots. It is necessary to cut very carefully, so that the plants will continue to reproduce and we can pluck grass in the same place from year to year.
    Herbs should be cut with flowers and fresh green leaves. But chicory should be dug up with the root, because it is cooked from it.
  • Collection, production of medicines and treatment were accompanied by magical techniques and spells.
  • According to popular belief, the herbs collected on the day of Ivan Kupala possessed special healing power, and at night the plants talked among themselves. While collecting flowers and herbs, you must sing Kupala songs
Recipes of medicinal plants. which are collected in the territory near the Dniester
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